Anyone know anything about shooting locations for Higher Ground? I know Vancouver, but anyone know specifics? :)

I’m at Disneyworld and I turned on the TV and the first episode of season six is on.
AJ OWNS this fucking episode.
Owns it.
And given the circumstances under which she filmed it, so much respect.

Also Much love, hope everything is going amazingly for you gorgeous people K Xxxx

Hey Guys

So as you’ve probably noticed, my heart’s really not in this anymore.

I’m not posting very often and I really feel like I’m letting you guys down.

Is there anyone who would like to take over this? Posting mainly AJ stuff, but also the other cast members etc?

I miss you guys though, my personal tumblr is

Please feel free to follow me if we used to interact here. That’s the main reason I kept this blog going for so long: you guys.

You’re all such amazing people and I’m so, so glad I got to meet you. I don’t want it to end!!

I can keep the blog, and keep posting sporadically like I’m doing, but I’m sure you guys would rather someone else take over?

I don’t mind continuing to post every once in awhile, but I just feel really guilty when I don’t post!

Also, I have a lot of followers, so I don’t get to cruise my dash anymore, responding to posts and letting you know how fantastic you are!

My other blog is smaller, so if you still want/need someone to talk to, I can talk to you there :)

Let me know what you want, and please add me on my other Tumblr!!!

Peace, love and happiness to all of you

Kate xx

P.s. I KNOW this isn’t ‘Criminal Minds’, but I’m tagging it just so as many people as possible can see it. I’m really sorry for clogging up your tracked tags, it’s just one post :)